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  • R207RRC – Kosa Dvukh Pilotov Island, AS-207NEW
    R207RRC, AS-207 Team will make QRT sometime on very late evening on Saturday (UTC). 17m antenna is up, but no propagation. — Andrey Teterukov (@AndyEU7A) April 10, 2020 TNX!!! #R207RRC #AS207 pic.twitter.com/xynd18MMpJ — JS1WWR/にしたま123 (@JS1WWR) April 6, 2020 R207RRC, AS-207 update Now team has installed 20m 4SQ only. Wind is not strong like before and […]

  • The FREE DX-World Weekly Bulletin #347
    Download the latest FREE DX-World Weekly Bulletin compiled by Bjorn, ON9CFG.  

  • RI1ANM – Mirny Station, Antarctica
    Look for Alexander, RX3ABI to be active as RI1ANM from Mirny Station, Antarctica until early 2021. QRV on HF bands when time permits. QSL via H/c.

  • 5H3DX – Tanzania
    NEWS UPDATE COVID-19 is the buzz word here. We have not had a large outbreak, and the government has done an excellent job of containing the index case. What it means for me is that I will be staying. I believe there is more good to be done by remaining in Tanzania, especially since our […]

  • Stay At Home Award
    In the world-wide amateur radio community, social distancing is not an issue. The ham radio network operates by radio waves with signals flying high and wide, across all borders near and far. Amateur radio operators are well-known as communicators during the happy days, but also during times of crisis.  Even if physically locked down, the world is […]

  • 5X1RI – Uganda
    Shabu, M0KRI (ex-VU7RI, 9U4RI) will be active from Uganda as 5X1RI during end-July to mid-August 2020. Dates and full info to follow.

  • A25VR – Botswana
    David, VE7VR will be active from Botswana as A25VR during April 28 to May 24, 2021. (dates reaaranged). QRV on 40-20m, low power, holiday-style. QSL via H/c.  

  • F2DX Antenna work – April 2020
    Climbing a tower and repairing an antenna is part of ongoing work to ham radio. The two antennas on this tower are a DXBeam 8 elements 30-17-12m and a DXBeam 7 elements 6m. Since a previous storm, the 2 antennas were no longer in the same direction, and the guying for the boom of the […]

  • Support against COVID-19
    Dear Amateur Radio operators using CW mode. Why don’t we send a support message for the fight against COVID-19? All in favour, please add “OCV” or “OCCV” standing for ‘Overcome the Corona Virus’ at the end of CW transmissions. Please share this post if you agree! Thanks de JL1KBS.

  • PA5X/MM – Return to Netherlands
    Johannes PA5X, during the last year almost daily active from 5T Mauritania as 5T5PA, is temporarily demobilising to the Netherlands and will travel by Dutch flagged vessel: “Dutch Power“  from Nouadhibou (Mauritania) towards Moerdijk (Netherlands) (close to Rotterdam) during the coming 2 weeks. Departure is scheduled on 06/04/2020 and arrival in the Netherlands is estimated on 18/04/2020 or later depending on […]

Weekly DX Bulletin

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